Thursday, May 7, 2015

Crazy Prayer...God Cares

Wednesday night, during our church service, we were blessed  to hear a victorious testimony and admonished that indeed God does care about every detail of our lives. It was a powerful service and faith was high. Amazing. Simply put!
After tonight, I wanted to add a personal testimony of this very fact: God does indeed care about every detail of our lives! Let me share with you a quick story:
Tuesday night, my husband and I rode with my son to the ballgame. Following the game, my son made a stop by the gas station to fill up his truck. Not thinking, he laid his wallet on the back of the truck while the tank was know the rest of the story...he forgot to pick it up before we left the station - in Macon. We got home, to Forsyth, and walked in the door of our was at that moment that he realized what he had done. So, he got in his truck and retraced the route from the gas station and home wallet. I'm sure you know that the next steps involved contacting the bank about bank cards, getting a new drivers license as well as a wallet, etc. Wallet counted as gone forever. Amen.
As mom, I was just crazy enough to pray that God would still let this lost wallet be found and returned. I knew God could do it if He willed to do so. Why not pray? Why not ask? Why not expect it to happen? I didn't say anything to anyone, I just prayed. That was Tuesday night about 9:00p.m. When we arrived home tonight, Thursday - 2 days later - about 9:30p.m., my husband saw something sticking out of the storm door. He thought it was some religious literature. As he reached to grab it out of the door, I caught a glimpse of it and screamed, "NO, that's Katie!" (My son has a pic of his girlfriend...IN HIS WALLET...her name is Katie.) Sure enough, what was thought to be religious literature was actually my son's wallet stuck safely in the door. Two days and about 20 miles was no obstacle for my God!
My son and daughter were pulling in the drive way at that point, I excitedly grabbed the wallet from my husband and ran down the steps and out to the vehicle screaming..."Son, tell me God doesn't answer prayers...tell me He doesn't care about every detail of our lives!" He looked at me questioningly, then I handed him his LOST WALLET. He stood there in amazement at the sight and listened as I told him what seemed like a "crazy prayer" I'd been praying. He looked through it and everything was still there...not a thing was missing. That's the kind of God I serve!!!
We immediately ran in the house and began to call people and tell them of yet another incident that proves God is concerned with EVERY DETAIL of our lives. Isn't He amazing!? My mind immediately replayed the pictures in my head of the brother standing behind our church's pulpit proclaiming this incredible fact - indeed God does care about every detail of our lives. It's  a memory that I'll not soon impacting. Nothing goes unnoticed! NOW...chew on that a while and watch for an opportunity in your own life to share the same message. Let's not overlook those moments - they're faith-building stones.
Meanwhile, I'll be basking in the blessing of knowing and loving such a God! And knowing that He's watching everything that goes on and listening to every crazy prayer we pray. When it happens to you, feel free to come back here and share your story! Expect the impossible. He can do it!