Monday, April 13, 2015

Night...It Is Good!

 During the darkness of night, there are things which cannot be seen such as animals, criminals and danger. Nighttime is usually associated with vulnerability, danger and evil. Crime is usually worse at night as well as sickness, loneliness, and of course, nightmares. Simply put, during the night, things are likely to happen which may frighten us to the point we can find ourselves eagerly anticipating the first peaks of morning light. Yet GOD made and named this thing called night. (Gen. 1:4)

Late last night my husband's cell phone rang. Instantly, my "motherly instincts" were on high alert because we were over five hours away from home and our "grown" teenagers. You know the feeling, when something's not quite right. Yes, something is definitely wrong. (Every mother I know comes with this special radar installed!) I'm hearing only my husband's side of the conversation:

     "Is it bad?"
     "Are you OK?"
     "How bad is it?"
     "Are you OK?"
    "Hit the animal, don't swerve." 

By now, I have a vivid picture in my mind and I'm laying beside him silently praying that everything is going to be alright. "Oh God! One of my babies is out there alone in the darkness and something is not right. Please help!" The conversation continues and I listen as he assures my daughter that all is well and he's just glad she's safe and unharmed.  He ends the call and I get the final verdict: Yes, she hit a mailbox while trying to avoid a deer that ran out in front of her. The car is damaged but drivable. She is safe. And every parent's (of teen-drivers) dilemma...the insurance will sky-rocket if we turn in a claim. But she is safe! It could have been so much worse. God is good! She is safe! Thank you Jesus!

And although it's during the darkness of night, though she's there all alone, although I feel completely helpless because I'm so far God "is a very present help" to help us all. (Ps. 46:1) Protecting, consoling, being a companion, giving peace and assurance...WOW! We can trust Him even in the late night hours when darkness threatens to consume us with fear and steal our peace. He is always there. He's an ever present help in the time of trouble. Yes, He made the night...but He called it GOOD. Why? Because He knew He'd be right there with us during it...and that, my friend, is always good.