Monday, April 20, 2015

Be Mine...BELONG

While we are a couple months removed from February and Valentine's Day, my mind has been tossing around the phrase "Be Mine." We all long to belong. This is one thing we each have in common no matter our status in life, our age, personality, or any other distinguishing factor. Think about it. Can you recall walking into your elementary lunchroom wondering if someone saved a seat for you? What about waiting to be picked on a team for recess kickball? There's something about being chosen, belonging...we all have that inborn desire to belong.
I recall another phrase: "Everything has a place to belong!" Hang-up clothes go in the closet, folded clothes in the dresser, dirty clothes in a laundry basket, etc. (They don't belong on the floor! Imagine that!) No matter what IT is, IT has a place to belong. After all, that's how a clean house is derived, right? That "pen" belongs in the basket next to the "bill basket." (Oh my, how organized that sounds! If only!)
So, where do we fit in? Sometimes those ugly feelings that we don't fit in anywhere may pop up out of nowhere. We're too this or too that to fit in this group. We're too old or not old enough to be in this certain group either. See? We none like to feel this way! Nobody. While there are requirements to fit in certain places, there is one special place that you'll never be secluded from unless you choose not to be a part. Yes!!! You can belong.
John 14:3  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, 
there ye may be also.
We none belong on this earth. This is just a temporary home for those who follow God's ultimate plan. We belong with Him! Just think, He prepared a place especially for us. WE FIT SOMEWHERE PARTICULAR! There's a special place for us! We belong. So, when we find ourselves with those feelings of not fitting in, know that God has something special in mind just for us. He wants us on His team! He wants us on His side forever! Where else would we find a more perfect fit? What better place could we want to be? God is extending the invitation to each of us today, saying, "BE MINE!" The choice is ours...we were created to belong.