Friday, March 13, 2015

Change is on the Way

Anyone still dealing with the effects of "springing forward?" Isn't it amazing what moving the clock ahead one hour will do? (Our household is still dragging! Yes, first time ever...we forgot to adjust our clocks Saturday night before we went to bed.) Along with the time change, we're slowly stepping out of winter season and into warm, sunshiny, spring time. Life is always changing, isn't it? I think it's safe to say, nothing stays the same (except for God). That's good news for us!
How encouraging to know that our bodies will eventually catch up with the time change set-back, and we'll slowly trade our heavy, winter wardrobe in exchange for light-weight T-shirts and flip flops. Dreary, gray days will give way to beautiful, breezy spring days. And so it's true with whatever we may be facing on our spiritual walk. If we're trudging through a trying valley, you have this promise that "this too shall pass." Be encouraged that whatever season you find yourself in, it won't last always. Join me as we place our eyes upon the One that is with us through every season and know that He is faithful to bring us through again. While seasons change...God constantly remains the same. Be encouraged, my friend, CHANGE IS ON THE WAY!