Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Trip To God's OR

As ladies, we sometimes find ourselves in a big, muddy mess from wallowing in the mire of  labeling, comparing and perfectionism.  Yes, sometimes God has to do some major extensive surgery on us to bring us back to a healthy state of heart and mind.  While there are a million-and-one things that we can allow to creep into our lives to cause the need for a major operation, there isn't time to name them all.  We just KNOW it happens if we're brave enough to come clean about it.  However, God is true to His word and wants you to have abundant life!  Sometimes that means a trip to the OR...

Surgery usually requires incisions, removal of infected or damaged tissue or organs, or possibly an implant of some kind.  While this process is necessary, it often leaves a patient in tremendous pain and usually requires a time of close supervision and recovery or even therapy afterward.  Yes, it is painful; however, is it wise to avoid a life-threatening issue in order to resist pain during a season of recovery or therapy?

Sometimes when God says He's going to heal you, it's a process.  Sometimes it can be accomplished like a quick trip to the ER, but sometimes it requires a life-altering trip to the OR.  God always wants what is best for us and if we are willing He will do whatever it takes to see us victorious.  So it is wise to know, as I have learned:  Sometimes before God can perform a "healing," the pain will get much worse before it gets better.  If you're allowing God to do His sovereign work, know that on the other side of "this," you'll be so much better than before. 

Are you in need of a "surgical" procedure in your own heart/life?  Don't be too ashamed to schedule that appointment with God.  He already knows what you need.  We all have to have "surgery" from time to time.  One last note of encouragement:  following the surgical procedure, learn to ENJOY the process of recovery/therapy and what it means to become "new" again.  You might be a bit weak at first.  Give yourself space to grow again.  Let the great Physician have His way and learn to live life to the fullest.  Abundantly. 

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