Saturday, August 16, 2014

There...Just For You

Ever been walking along a hot, rocky, deserted pathway up the side of a mountain?  My mind goes back to such a walk years ago as we made our way up the side of Stone Mountain.  So there we was Georgia-summer hot, the sun was beating relentlessly upon our tired bodies, those of us who usually only "perspire" were downright sweating through our get the picture, huh?  It took what seemed like forever to move up the side of the mountain!  It wasn't much of a "scenic tour" at that point either, mostly just boring rock and look-alike pine trees along the way. 
Do you know that along such walks in our day to day lives, God places little glimpses of Himself for us to see if we're paying attention?  While we're walking along, a solitary flower can be found struggling to survive as it shoots out of a mere crack along our's simple beauty can be breathtaking.  A moment you long to capture and put in your memory bank forever.  A God moment!  God shows Himself in so many countless ways!  Could be in the song of a bird, a beautiful rainbow standing proudly in the fine mist following a storm, or perhaps in the ordinary hop of a tiny green frog from mucky mud puddle to another.  God is everywhere!  It could be through the voice of a child, a smile, the supportive arm as you make your way through a hard time, or about a ga-zillion other things.  God can be found ANYWHERE we find ourselves!
God IS...He's there no matter how far away you may feel He is.  You're not alone on this mountain side!  Stop and recognize His presence!  He will never leave nor forsake you....and that, my friend, you can count on.  Stop and smell the flower!  It's there just for you...