Monday, August 4, 2014

Putting Up With My Mess!

My precious Sunday school students are learning their memory verse - Colossians 3:13.  The very first word is "forbearing" - and just as I tried to explain that word to them the first Sunday we began and as I have reminded them every Sunday thereafter, this word means "putting up with someone's mess!"  They always laugh as I make a big deal of it.  You know, that's a really big word for my kids to grasp, but just as I teach them, God is teaching me.  (That's the beauty of being a teacher!  You can't really teach without learning yourself.) 
I'm so thankful that God is gracious, kind, long-suffering, forgiving, full of grace and mercy!  I'm so thankful He is always there watching and listening...aware of every detail of my life.  He sees every need and want, knows every longing and desire of my heart, is there to catch me when I fall and lift me back up again.  He never grows weary of walking with me, never berates me for making mistakes and wrong decisions, cheers me on when I'm getting tired and is full of patience while teaching me and preparing the path for me to follow.  He knows just what it takes to bring me through each test and trial, He is willing to help me through every valley and push me up the mountain side.  He rejoices with me on the mountain tops and gives me hope to forge through the next valley.  No matter where I find myself on this life's journey...He is there.  He loves me!  He is faithful! He is forbearing!!! 

Thank you Jesus for "putting up with my mess" and for being constantly by my side and aware of what I need and when I need it.  

Guess what?  He's not only there like that for me...He's there for you too.  He longs for us to call out to Him and to learn to lean on Him.  His desire is for us to grow deeper and deeper in Him, with Him and through Him.  He knows what plans He has for us and is willing to go through and take us through whatever it takes to get us to that point.  Do you need help with your mess?  He's waiting on you to say YES today!