Friday, August 22, 2014

Low Fuel Light...FREE GAS!

"What?" I exclaimed in frustration, "We just had a 1/2 tank yesterday and the fuel light's on again?!"  I laugh at myself now, but honestly, I hate having to stop by a gas station on a hot, humid Georgia day (or a steamy, stormy or cold, snowy one for that matter!) and take time to fill up my car's gas tank.  It's a never-ending process though, isn't it?  If your vehicle is driven, gas is consumed, and sooner or later the trip to the gas pump is inevitable...whether we like it or not, right?
It's the same way with our spiritual lives!  We can leave church on Sunday being filled to the brim with all the goodness the Lord can consume us with at one time.  However, if we live in this world - which we all do - our spiritual tank will start emptying the moment we leave the church grounds on Sunday afternoon.  That's just the reality of it!  If we don't stop and spend time at the God's filling station each day, before we know it, we'll find ourselves stranded on the side of the interstate with an empty tank.  Circumstances and life eat away at our reserve and we must be vigilant to pay attention to our "Jesus tank" low-fuel light.  When we begin to get frustrated, easily irritated, find people are "pushing" your buttons...etc., might just be our low-fuel light warning us that we need another fill up real soon.
Don't be like those who push the limits to see exactly how many miles they can get out of a tank before they're completely out.  Can we make it one more exit?  One more mile?  Can we coast into the gas station bay from the momentum of the last hill?  NO!!!  Don't chance it!  Stay filled's much less stressful and doesn't cost you a dime...just time.  God gives to us all the fuel we need FOR FREE; but we have to give Him the time to fill us up (Psalm 145:18-19)!  So, the question is:  Who wouldn't stop by a gas station that was giving away fuel at no cost?  Free gas!!!  Think about it...