Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dancing in the Storm

Sometimes I forget this little secret I've just happens that way at times, doesn't it?  The valuable lessons we learn are sometime obscured by obstacles we're facing.  Thank goodness God is good enough to send us a reminder though!  So, here's a little something I wanted to share today, maybe it will help someone out there. 
On those "stormy" days when the bottom seems to drop out, the sky seems to be falling and you just don't know if you're going to make it one more step...did I describe it well enough?  One of "THOSE DAYS!"  I've found that the best ways to help those days turn around is to...drum roll something for someone else.  Go out of your way, put some extra effort and thought into doing something special for someone else!  It doesn't have to be something outrageous, although the more thought you put into it, the bigger it may become.  It might take a little effort on your part to get you going, but the outcome will turn your day around...and just possibly the other person's as well. 
Need a scripture to back that up?  Here's one that will work:  John 15:11-12, "  “...that your joy might be full...This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you…”   Think about it!  Pick someone out of the crowd of your life today and get busy doing something for them.  Give a little of yourself to someone else and see if it doesn't turn your day around.
Remember, it doesn't have to be something big.  One of my favorite quotes: "simple things are often the biggest things" - your kind gesture will bring you a burst of joyful sunshine during a stormy day.  Here's one more verse for you today, Acts 20:35, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."   Do you need any more convincing?!  Don't let the storm rob you of your joy when it's as simple as this.  Don't forget this secret...guess it's not a secret anymore though, huh?  It's about learning to dance in the storm...and this is one way to do it...give it a try and see if it doesn't change the course of your day.