Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time To Turn the Page

Each of us are a story in the making.  With each sunrise God blesses us, the page is turned and the story continues with yet another interesting page.  Remember the story books with cassette tapes we had in years gone by, "when you here the chimes sound like this (ding! - ringing chime sound), you know it's time to turn the page."  You could look at the pictures while being read to aloud or you could follow along reading yourself; whichever you preferred.  I think I just liked to look at the pictures for the most part! 
Our life is like one of these little books, at the end of each day there is a ringing chime reminding us that this day is over...God says it's time to turn the page for a fresh start.  Yet so often, (again I'm guilty of this too!) we're so absorbed with looking at the pictures on the page of our life that we don't hear the chimes ring.  What happened yesterday might have you baffled, you may have failed in some way even let down or disappointed by someone; but there's good can turn the page. (ding!)  Today is a new day, there is a new page to be written...only by the grace of God.  What a gift!  Take advantage of this new day, this clean page and allow God to help you write more of your beautiful story.   (*DING*) It's time to turn the page!

*As in any book, there will be chapters with conflicts for we can't live in this life without tests and trials and even times of grieving.  However, every chapter has to have a last page!  Hold on to that hope if you're in one of those chapters!  Don't close the book, just keep turning the pages....(ding!)