Monday, July 28, 2014

Just Because He Can

There are days in life when we wake up and our bodies are telling us that something's not quite right inside.  We feel less than whole!  No matter how extreme our routine is to take care of our bodies, no matter how many vitamins or medications we take, how healthy we may eat, how habitual our exercise routine is...sometimes we can't help ourselves and our body does it's own thing.  It's in times like these that we realize just how powerless we are.  (It's during these times that the enemy steps in and will try to wreak havoc in our lives and make us question our Maker.)  As much as we want to be "in control" of our lives and have a handle on everything...there's only One who actually does.  JUST BECAUSE HE CAN!
When we're shaken to the core and feel like we're physically reeling out of control...God is still all-powerful, all-knowing, and He knows where we're at and how we're feeling.  At times He moves on our behalf instantly, sometimes in stages, and sometimes we may feel like He isn't working on our behalf at all.  During these times we may feel like we're all alone, insecure, too weak, and frankly, just sick of being sick and tired. Unfortunately (at least that's how we think it), He doesn't always do it the way we think it should be done.  JUST BECAUSE HE CAN!
Since He's God, He has the unique ability to see what we can't.  He knows what we need to learn from every experience.  He has a plan for our spiritual growth.  He knows how much we can take.  He knows what kind of vessel He desires for us to be.  Also, no matter what it may look or feel like...He has the final say so on every situation we face in this lifetime.  Sometimes He will deliver us from, sometimes we have to go through.  It doesn't always make sense in our finite minds, but He does ALL things perfect and He can't make a mistake.  In other words, He knows what He's doing and He's working it this way ...JUST BECAUSE HE CAN!
Look for His fingerprints in your dilemma!  He leaves them everywhere if we'll just be observant and believe He's there.  I know this because it happened just yesterday for me.  It wasn't an instantaneous undertaking and I didn't feel 100%, but God had heard my prayers and knew exactly where I was physically and mentally. His fingerprint came in the form of a text message which was "not received".  He went out of His way to be sure that I knew without a doubt that He was in control.  So, while I didn't feel like my prayers were reaching the ceiling, He answered a way that I couldn't deny it was Him.  JUST BECAUSE HE CAN!
I challenge you today...let go and let God.  Look for His fingerprints in every area of your life.  He is there and in control, there's no telling what He'll do in your case...JUST BECAUSE HE CAN.