Friday, July 11, 2014

Cake in the Valley

It’s hard to see, in the middle of the darkest night, that God has a plan and a purpose for the valley. Yet it’s in those darkest nights when you’re in the pit of despair that God does His greatest work.  When you’re in the heat of the fight, something could very well be being birthed within you.  Think about it like this:  when you put a cake in the oven, you set the timer and walk away.  It’s dark and extremely hot inside the oven but you never worry because you know something’s happening inside and that you’ll soon have a delicious cake to enjoy.  This is just how God works, except He NEVER walks away while we’re in our trials!  He patiently watches over us, protecting and over-seeing the progress.  Although we may be afraid of the dark, and the heat may be overwhelming at times, we can know without a doubt that God is faithful and a Master Baker…He can make something beautiful, He has a plan!  We might not enjoy the process, but if we’ll keep pressing on when it’s all said and done we can enjoy the reward of a cake in the valley.