Thursday, June 13, 2013

TODAY...He'll Make It ALL Right

"...casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you..." 1 Peter 5:7

The word for today is “TODAY”!  If you’re having trouble trusting in the Lord to provide anything you may need or answer any prayer you've prayed…try this acronym on for size!!!
T - turn
 O - over
     D - doubt,
A - and
 Y - yield

My mind reels back to a song I remember hearing as a child: “Turn it over to Jesus, turn it over to Jesus, turn it over to Jesus and He’ll make it all right.”  Remember today, there is nothing that catches our Lord off-guard, there is nothing He is not aware of and there’s nothing He cannot take care of.  The trouble is, even though at times we don’t realize it, we allow anti-faith thoughts to creep in. We’d never say it out loud, but the questions in our heart and mind whisper it for us.  I know this from experience. HELLO!

Today, I challenge us all (me included) to turn our impossible situations over to the One who can take care of anything.  After we’ve prayed, should doubt and fear attempt to invade our thoughts, let's choose to cast aside those thoughts.  Let's remind ourselves, “TODAY, I can trust in the ONE who can!”  What better day than this one to put this to the test?  Let's turn over every doubt unto the Lord and yield ourselves and our thoughts to Him. He's promised in His Word that He'll work all things out for our good...He’ll make it ALL alright.