Monday, June 17, 2013

It's a Tug-O-War Baby!

Look down the way with me, along this winding pathway; a great line of people are walking slowly along.  There seems to be some a common point of interest over there.  There are some who are weeping, those who are jeering and cheering and a few who aren’t saying a word.  This scene is very intense and one can almost feel the anguishing atmosphere of pain and agony even from here.  The hot, scorching sun hasn’t deterred this group from making this trip today.
Wait, I think I see a man toward the front of the line, stooped low with the weight of a heavy wooden cross upon his back.  If I can make it out correctly, what clothes he is wearing seem to be tattered and torn…and his body is also.  Oh no!  He stumbled and fell down!  I hear the soldiers hollering and see them hitting at him; trying to get him up and continue on.  How in the world do they expect him to continue on?!  All the odds are against him.  Someone should help him!
All of the sudden, from out of the crowd, a man could be seen making his way to the front of the line.  Would he do something?  Yes, it looks as if he is taking the heavy load and placing it upon his own back.  What a gentleman!  Finally, some relief.
Get the picture?  Even Jesus, while on this earth needed help.  He had withstood a terrible beating, stripes on His back, a crown of thorns shoved deeply into His skull…not only was He physically stripped of strength but I’m sure His human  emotional and spiritual strength was at its limit also.  There are just some trials that have a devastating effect on a person – even the man Jesus.
How relieved Jesus must have been when this man came forward to help Him carry this massive burden.  We read in the Word how we will not be laden down with more than we can bear.  Just as the man Jesus could go on no further and needed help, we sometimes find ourselves in the same such predicament.  We’ve carried on under the weight of life, trials on every hand, we don’t understand, we feel like we can’t go on…etc.
The Lord is our strength and shield.  Without His help we could never make it.  He helps us to keep on keeping on when we might feel like giving up.  He protects us from so many things we cannot even begin to imagine.   There are fiery darts being launched at us from every side but He fights for us and we are not hurt.  Not only does He pull up beside us, but He graciously sends people into our lives who help encourage and minister to us.  What a team we have if we’re on the Lord’s side! 
The Bible clearly says:
“Two are better than one….And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)
Be thankful today, wherever you are in this game of tug-o-war (life), that the Lord has placed people in your life who stand on your side when the going gets tuff.  Yes, ever so much more grateful that the Lord is on your side and will be sure you win.  As long as you’re holding on to a rope with a God-team like this, you will make it…you will win.  What a blessed assurance! 

Dear Lord, help me today to realize you are all I need, but graciously enough you send people along-side of me during the hard times to help you do your work…they are your hands and feet.  Thank you for showing us that you are in control of our lives, you are fighting for us and being our strength.  I’m glad I’m on your team in this tug-o-war of life.  My rope will NEVER break!