Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Bubba Said It" - Revamped

Little man (Micah) goes around singing it, "Jesus said it!"  And although he started out singing "Bubba said it!" and it was quite comical; when you change the name to the Name above every name the dynamics change.  JESUS!!!  Powerful but kind...mighty but gentle...get the picture?  It's that wonderful name that covers every spectrum of any situation we might find ourselves in.  JESUS!  The best and only prescription we need to overcome a multitude of issues. JESUS!  The only name we need to breathe in worship!  See?  That name covers it all.

So today, no matter if you're going through a valley or on the mountain top...breathe the name of Jesus and feel a peace flood into your soul.  It is a cure-all!  JESUS...the most beautiful name that I know.  Say the name!  Close your eyes and know that when you call on that name, something happens.  What a peace it is....when Jesus says it....we can take it to the bank.  When we say Jesus, He goes to the bank - and pours out something far more precious than anything we can attain on our own...Go ahead, give it a try right now.

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" what a wonderful feeling it is
to be able to call out your name, to call on your name, to be 
covered in your name and to worship that name.