Friday, June 28, 2013

A Bible Lunch-able

A huge lump formed in his throat as he heard the call go out for anyone who had brought any food to the gathering.  There was whispering and people were starting to turn their eyes his way.  Nobody was speaking up!  Was he the only one who had a lunch today?  It was already well past lunch time and he was really hungry but he had been so intensely listening to the Master teach that time had slipped passed and now it was late afternoon.  He held onto his little bag tightly as he heard the call go out again, “Does anyone have any food?”  Should he run away and hide behind a bush?  Should he give his lunch up?  What would he eat if he did?  He was just a small lad and would probably be last in line and would more than likely get nothing to eat.  What should he do?

All of the sudden, all eyes were upon him and he heard the Master telling his men to bring the boy’s small lunch to him.  His heart sank as he followed the men and tried to get closer to where Jesus was.  What was going to happen?  His mind was full of questions and wonderings.  How could they even begin to imagine two fish and five small loaves could even begin to touch the need of this multitude?  He pushed his way through to where Jesus was and watches as He blessed and began to break his lunch in pieces.  Amazed and perplexed, he watched as Jesus fed the hungry crowd.

Aren’t there all sorts of questions that bombard our mind when we’re in a dilemma?  We know that God can take care of our needs, yet, like this little boy, we wonder how.  For instance, here’s a situation to parallel with this story, “If I give this bag of groceries to a family in need, what will we eat?”   You know, this is a very real question for a parent.  Where will our next meal come from?  Questions, decisions…we tend to have that lump in our throat just like the little lad.
All the time, we’re sitting in the presence of the One who can do the impossible.  Jesus said:

“With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” (Matt. 19:26)

The Creator of the universe is the same one who fed the 5,000 with a little lunch-able!  Won’t He take care of us too?  He knows our needs, desperate situations, etc.  All He’s waiting on us to do is give it to Him and allow Him to turn it into a miracle.  By giving when you might not have it to give, you might possibly be setting yourself up for a miracle.  Go ahead, step out on faith! Can you imagine the testimony this little guy had to tell for the rest of his life?  Don’t you think he was glad he didn’t hide behind the bush?  God desires to show us how loving, capable and willing He is…what is He calling you to give?  It doesn’t have to be a bag of groceries…He could be calling you to give yourself!  We can choose to question or dive right in and see what He has in store.  One thing we can take to the bank…He will always work it out for GOOD – even if you give Him a lunch-able!

Dear Lord, please help me to remember that you were the first
to use a lunch-able and you did it with style and grandeur…because you can.
Help me to trust you with the little I have, knowing that nothing is impossible
with you.