Monday, July 31, 2017

It's On the Table

I've spoken a lot about the "messy" parts of know, the ugly parts we can't seem to escape from quickly enough, the parts we don't scrapbook or post to Facebook or Instagram. The parts that aren't Pinterest pretty! We've agreed that each and every one of us have those awful-feeling days and moments in our lives - yet they probably look different for each of us.

I was reading today, one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible and one verse poked at me really hard, Psalm 23:5 -

"Thou preparest a table before me 
in the presence of mine enemies:"

What?! The word "enemies" here translates to being cramped, be in affliction, to be in distress, to be in trouble, vexed...I had never looked at it that way before today. It wasn't necessarily someone who was provoking me. 

I thought about how my mind, emotions and feelings play tricks and get the best of me at times. Yes, God is working on this with me - daily. When they aren't "for" me, they're against me...thus, I think it safe to say I can label them as enemies. 

When these things (thoughts, emotions and feelings) get off track, as they often do, life can feel mighty messy. However, I can still take rest in knowing that even in those moments of shifted focus and weakness, God prepares a table for me. I can be at peace even when everything within me is screaming, "This isn't a time for peace. I don't like this season! Everything is crazy and upsetting!" Yet, I know my God. 

Although at times I forget and become blinded to this truth, He can do anything, whenever He gets ready. So, preparing a table for me to sit down at and get exactly what I need to be victorious isn't a problem for Him. Goodness, if I can just remember that! Everything I could ever need, He supplies. It's on the table!

Who prepares a meal for someone without sitting to enjoy it with them? When I prepare a meal for my friends and family, I want to sit with them, to enjoy the time together, as well as the food. I want them to feel safe and to stop everything else and just be present. I think God longs to do the same thing with you and I. 

During messy parts of life, He beckons you and I to get our eyes off of our "enemies" and join Him at the feast He's prepared in our honor. A safe place too. Truth is, sometimes I fail to look beyond my situations and circumstances. Anyone else have a problem with that? True statement though: one thing God won't do is MAKE us sit at the table, we have a standing invitation though.

The banquet room is always ready...there we can find peace and safety - even in the midst of our enemies. He longs for us to sit and share what we're feeling with Him; for us to cast our cares upon Him. There's always a seat there with my name on it! Yours too. This table is a place of refuge. Of relationship. Of healing. Whatever we have need of, it's on the table.

Let's pull up a chair today, forget about the "messy" that makes us feel weak and brings confusion and lack of focus into our lives. Our enemies have no reservations at this table! What a blessing.

Let's enjoy peace, rest and all the goodness God longs to share with us. I invite you to join me as we look into His eyes and receive rest for our wearied souls. Hope. Everything we need, we can find in Him. Our enemies aren't welcome, my friend, but everything we have need's on the table.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of this world
Will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace