Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Endless Apps from an Unlimited God

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We've all seen commercials and advertisements for "Endless Apps." We all want unlimited amounts of something every once in a while - not just appetizers - it might be money, vacations, time, health or any number of other things.

Endless. Continual. Unending. Unlimited. Nonstop. 
Unchanging. Everlasting.

Gravity. It keeps us from flying. It keeps us anchored to this earth. Spending limits. Credit cards aren't endless passes for us to shop until we drop. Speed limits. Even if there were none, vehicles can only go so fast. The strongest man in the world knows there is a certain point when he can lift no more. You see, nothing here on this earth is really "unlimited" when we stop and think about it. Funny thing is, even Endless Apps and unlimited refills are limited by how much our bodies can actually consume. 

Believe it or not though, there are some things we can obtain in this life that are endless. Unlimited supplies DO exist. While I might be limited in my ability, strength and time; I have a God who is unlimited and the "apps" He offers us are always unlimited - endless. 

His graces is always enough. (II Cor. 12:9) His mercies are new every morning. (Lam. 3:23) His truth never ceases. (Ps. 100:5) He has an unlimited supply of strength. (Is. 26:4) He is able to supply every need. (Phil. 4:19) He even offers eternal life (John 3:15) and everlasting love. (Jer. 31:3) 

When God is in control of our lives, we can always enjoy the thrill of "Endless Apps." He is unshakable and unstoppable. In Him we will always find strength, peace and sweet rest. We can be assured that He is more than able to supply, that He has unlimited access to whatever we are in need of, and is able to show up on any scene at a moments notice...merely at the mention of His name. He can move mountains and make a way out of no way. Oh goodness, there are more perks than I can even begin to write about, even if I wrote every moment for the rest of my life. Talk about endless!

Here's the great thing: He invites us to join Him in this unlimited way of life. I suppose I need to say this though: the only thing that limits Him is you and I. Not that we can put Him on a leash or hamper His abilities, after all, He is all-powerful; however, He is a gentleman and will do for us only what we allow Him to. That is His only limitation. His resources are infinite. His power undeniable. His love boundless...let me just leave you with this:

Choose to live limitless.
Enjoy endless apps from an unlimited God.

"Endless apps" anyone? 
It is ours just for the taking. It's a gift from God to us. (Rom. 6:23) He's waiting to give liberally to everyone who asks. He is no respecter of persons and knows no limits. 

What a glorious opportunity you and I have. It's better than any weekend splurge at the local restaurant. It's eternal. It's our promise. How's that for "Endless Apps?" 

Get started today...
read Acts 2:38-40 - experience
"unlimited apps" from a God who 
loved you enough to die -
so you could live