Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Life...It's but a Vapor

I've wanted to write. I haven't been able to gather my thoughts before now however. The last couple days have been quite eventful. Traumatic. Exhaustive. When I close my eyes, the images that show up are disturbing. A picture of a mother and child still brings tears to my eyes and an aching to my heart since I know that a little girl, a family, lost their mommy -  and someone lost a son, daddy or husband on Sunday in a sudden, fatal, automobile accident.

At the same time, I've desired to write. To share with you the goodness of God's protective hand upon my husband and myself. To testify of His goodness. Even while my heart still hurts, while I don't always quite understand "why" things happen, it rejoices at God's sovereignty also. We were on our way home from church. Only about 50 yards from our exit. And...we were also only the second car back when all the vehicles, an engine, rear view mirrors and other car parts stopped flying through the air. Cars had scattered everywhere trying to avoid collision.

An automobile going southbound veered off the interstate, hit a ditch and went airborne, clearing all northbound guardrails. Two lives were lost and multiple other injuries. And we were RIGHT THERE!
*If you'd like to watch the news video about the accident, you can do so here. This is the photo I took right after the wreck took place. I was standing at my vehicle.

I can't help but to thank the Lord for His protective hand upon us on Sunday...and every day. 

Then, on Monday, we had a bad band of storms come through Georgia. We were alerted by the weather services to take cover. We heard the wind, watched as eerie, mid-day darkness enveloped our surroundings, and heard the low, steady rumble in the distance. Then we took cover in our closet...and waited. 

Less then an eighth of a mile through the woods, trees were snapped, homes were damaged, and power lines were down.

I can't help but to thank the Lord for His protective hand upon us on Monday...and every day.

These past couple days have shook me to the core. Life is so fragile. Uncertain.

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." James 4:14

While some would say we must be doing something wrong for all this stuff to be happening so close to us. I think different! It's helped make up in my mind and open my eyes to some things the Lord has been dealing with me about. 

Nothing in this life matters except what we do that's of eternal value. Possessions. Money. Status. Jobs. That all is counted for loss. People are losing their lives each and every second of every day. They are coming face to face with eternity. Ready or not! That's what matters. 

We're all going to spend eternity somewhere. How we live will be a deciding factor. How differently would we live out our lives today if we knew tomorrow would be the end? What would we do differently? What wouldn't matter any more?

Just a few thoughts I'm pondering. Won't you join me? Someone's salvation might depend upon it.