Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Church Family #ThankfulIn(F)All

I'm thankful, today, for my church family.

We're all a little different and unique in our own quirky ways, aren't we? Today is Sunday, so of course I found myself at church with some pretty wonderful individuals. What a family! From the little old lady who is quiet and keeps her words on a leash to that crazy brother-in-law of mine who is a crazy, cut-up you hear way before you see, to each and every one of you - I'm thankful for each of you.

Sweet, rambunctious children bring a smile to my face as they grab me in a tight "leg hug." Faithful elders are solid as rocks and I look up to them. The prayer warriors, worshipers and even the greeters...there's something about every single person that captures a special place in my heart. Every singer and every person who plays music (or makes a joyful noise), I'd like to thank you for making my worship experience a little more amazing. I appreciate you. Sunday school teachers who teach me how to live for God better and an amazing Pastor who breaks down the Word for me to understand more fully, thank you for sharing words of wisdom with a godly passion.

God bless each of you! Not long until we'll be joining those who have gone on before us. Yes, I'm thankful for those people too. What a day that will be when we're all together worshiping the Lord for eternity. I'm glad we're all a part of God's family

To each of you, new and old, from front to back, and left to add sweet dimension to my life. I am grateful for each of you today. I do not tell you enough I'm sure, and probably even take you for granted often, I want to pause long enough to let you know I am thankful for each of you.