Friday, November 4, 2016

Home #Thankfulin(F)All

Today, I am thankful for home.

I've had the privilege to stay-at-home all day today. I've enjoyed it! Fully and completely. There's nothing too fancy about it, but it is my place. My space.

Ah! Mellow music playing softly in the background, the still-too-warm-November sunshine beaming through the windows and door, the whirling of the old washer cleaning my family's clothing and a welcoming, fall, fragrance wafting from my trusty wax warmer...home. 

I'm thankful for a home to clean (most of the time), for a place to share life with family, and a place to come to at the end of busy, exhausting days. A safe, peaceful haven. A place to enjoy the quietness or, on occasion, the noise of laughter and the bustling of family nights...home.

While I'm thankful for my actual dwelling place here on this earth. I'm also thankful for my other home...prepared especially for me by my Maker, the one I've yet to see. Yes, a place where I'll see Him face-to-face, worship at His feet, and walk with Him on streets of gold forever and always. Home.

Thank you, Lord, for HOME. I am blessed~