Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Rocky Road & Soggy Waffle Cones

"The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy..." Zephaniah 3:17

I'm different today than I was a month ago. I'm not the same person I was five or ten years ago. The truth is I'm not even the same person I was just yesterday. With each day comes a dose of life; and sometimes it looks much like a ginormous, triple scoop, Rocky Road ice cream cone on a scorching hot, July, Georgia-kind of summer day. 

As I stand there in the middle of my day, enjoying such a sweet treat, I can't seem to lick the scrumptious sweetness quick enough. It quickly begins to melt and drip down over the crispy, waffle cone, over my fingers and drop by drop, onto the ground below. You see, as delicious and enjoyable as it may be, even an ice cream cone doesn't remain the same for long. 

We change. We experience life. It's a road trip we all must travel. Often we find ourselves much like the child in the candy shop - chubby nose pressed anxiously against the cold, glass counter display. How our taste buds begin to dance about as we decide which to choose for our goody bag. Then, at other times, the "delightful" isn't quite there. Whether the day brings a positive or negative experience, we are touched by it...and forever changed.

It's was during one of those, not-so-enjoyable times in my life, when instead of having the option of choosing a soft, sugar-crusted, gumdrop assortment, there I stood with a soggy waffle cone topped with a semi-liquid, chocolate and cream concoction. Life can leave such a mess! Somebody bring on the napkins! No, forget the napkins, bring the water hose already! SOMEBODY, just help! The phrase "hot mess" comes to mind.

So, there I stood wondering if the "new" me would still be loved and accepted. Or would I now prove to be a burden or too much to be around? It became hard to smile at times. Would that chase people away? Would people stick around for the "messy" me on the humid, summer day? (Questions the enemy can interrogate us with when we've got heat exhaustion.) There was so much to say, but instead I stood there in silence. Longing for some companionship yet fighting hard to resist the urge to run away. Desiring to build bridges but instead erecting walls at the expressive speed of light. You see? Hot mess is an under-statement. Dripping. Messy. Sticky. 

Ever been there? It's a scary place to be, don't you agree? No matter how much you love God, life happens. It can bring joy. It can also hurt deeply at times. And people change during the journey no matter what. 

One comforting thing I found though, God is faithful - every time. He never changes or leaves us like He finds us. We're never alone on those messy days. He carries and sustains us. He doesn't mind the hot, sticky mess I (or you) can become. He gave His life for our mess! He has plans and a purpose for us...right in the middle of a hot, Georgia (or wherever you may find yourself) summer meltdown. Oh, how He loves us...and He chose us. In spite of it all...just because He could.

So imagine with me if you would, we're standing there in the hot, sunshine, enjoying our cold, sweet treat together. All is going well it seems, then we notice the first cold drip against our warm, chubby fingers. Then another. We lick faster. Another drip. There, standing with us, is our gracious, grace-giving, very present Help...He welcomes us to bring ourselves, complete in our messiness, to Him. You see, He delights in melting Rocky Road and soggy waffle cones after all. 

I sigh in relief...and you have that privilege too. *drip*

Melting Rocky Road ice cream in a soggy waffle cone
makes for the best summer treat - said no one ever!

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