Friday, March 25, 2016

Rejoicing Sister Party

" ...and when she hath found it, she calleth her friends and her neighbours together..."  
Luke 15:9

How many times have we heard the phrase, "No news is good news"? You know how it is, if things go wrong, you definitely can be expecting a phone call, email, text, or some means of communication from someone. I wonder sometimes why we aren't as readily willing to share the goodness in our lives with each other?

I just recently learned about the term "sistering" and have been totally amused that a bunch of rough, strong, muscular construction men would use this phrase in their construction and building lingo. (Why not "brothering"?) Sistering is the idea of strengthening a sagging or weak board by sandwiching it between two new, strong boards. Immediately, my mind went to the Word as I thought of the verse in Ecclesiastes that talks about "two being better than one."

In the world in which we live, everyone expects us to be OK every day. Yet, it's completely OK if we're NOT OK. If we were always alright, there would be no need or opportunity for a sister (or brother) to come to our side and encourage us, there would be no need to rely on someone else; we would be self-sufficient. And that, my friend, we are NOT! That is definitely not in God's plan for us.

So, when I stumbled upon Luke 15:9, I was excited. Jesus spoke of the parable of the lady looking for her missing piece of silver. Everything in her day was NOT OK. She had lost something precious to her. The Bible doesn't tell us if she called someone to help her find it, however, it does tell us that WHEN she found it, she called her friends to rejoice with her. There was good news and she shared it. There just might have been a Rejoicing Sister Party way back there in the Bible days. Somebody pass the cupcakes!!!

There was good news to share. Good news encourages others. It uplifts. It unites us in a common purpose when we rejoice together. What an experience! My mind turns to the healing of a little girl in our church. Healed of a tumor behind her eye just this week. (I had the same experience when I was a little girl too so this is extra special to me.) What rejoicing took place when her mother came back and testified of what God had done in the little one's life. Faith grew as we rejoiced together. We were encouraged. We shared the good news with others! The testimony still hasn't died!

Be encouraged today to share your good news. Be a faith-builder. Be a part of the sistering process. Your testimony just might help someone else in their time of depression, doubt, etc. What a blessing to come alongside somebody and be a faith builder, to be able to position a solid, stepping stone across their mud-filled path. What a blessed opportunity to be the part of a process God has called each of us to. Who knows, maybe God is waiting to see if you'll throw your own Rejoicing Sister Party. Find something positive to share, and find a sister to share it with...then rejoice!