Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Security Blankey

Can you picture Peanut's comic strip character, Linus, as the little guy wanders off with his baby-blue security blanket in hand? 

Maybe you have an adorable toddler in your life who dares to part with their special blankey. You know, the item that is worn, maybe frazzled or raveled a bit more than you'd normally accept as "keepable." It may have a rip or a patch or two where repairs have been made; nevertheless, it is a special item and thus you make allowances for its presence. Instead of disposing of it, you take special precautions to be certain it isn't somehow forgotten at a neighbor's house or carelessly left behind in a grocery store cart.

A blankey is a "comfort object"  which provides psychological support in difficult situations. Believe it or not, children aren't the only ones who have them. They are given to elderly and survivors. Oddly enough, college students and even us "normal" adults might take something special (not necessarily a blankey) with us when we leave home. It helps to serve as a reminder of comfort and security.

During prayer, this verse came to mind: "...and his train filled the temple..." Isaiah 6:1

Immediately following came this mental picture to my mind: me, hanging on tightly, with all the strength and determination I could muster up, to the bottom of a white garment which flowed down out of the heavens. My security. My peace.

I thought of my own wedding day almost 25 years ago. My nephew, probably about 3 years old, was to walk behind me, carrying the train of my wedding dress. After being pronounced, "Husband & Wife", my husband and I started down the aisle during the recessional. There I was, beaming from ear to ear, walking down the aisle on the arm of the love of my life. Somehow or another, my nephew thought he was supposed to "pull the train"! So, all of the sudden I found myself "fighting against the current" as the tug of the little guy, who was supposed to be coming to my aide, pulled for all he was worth. 

You know, life can get pretty scary at times. Trials, circumstances of life, tragic events...somehow they all tend to weigh us down a little heavier at times. We can quickly find ourselves rocking and reeling from the effects of setbacks of things which bring about shock, disappointment and feelings of failure. It's during these times that we have to struggle, or make more of an effort, to move forward down the aisle on the arm of our Love. 

Yes, its during these times that we can graciously grab a armful of God's train and hang on for all we're worth. I think its sometimes called a "bulldog grip." Our eternal security blankey. What a loving Father we have who would not only make earth His footstool, but would allow His presence to be so real in our lives, so saturating, so completely consuming, that we can literally grab hold of it in times of distress and be comforted with assurance and peace of mind. 

No matter your age or circumstance, whether you're brave or afraid, there is a security blankey available to you...grab on and don't let go.

Dear God,
Thank you for your presence,
for filling my every day with You.
Thank you that you're always near,
as close as the mention of your name.
Thank you for being what I can hang
onto during times of distress.
My trust is in You!