Monday, August 31, 2015

The Last Mile

"He that overcometh shall inherit all things..."
  Revelation 21:7 
It's the last mile, my friend, it's passing quickly by. Don't be afraid, discouraged or ashamed; for you do not walk alone. Though the path may seem dark, what's ahead may seem unclear and you may feel unsure at times; hold on, keep the faith and finish this course. This is it, the last leg of the journey, there are those behind, beside and ahead of you - each with a different story. They're hurting, searching and merely trying to survive their last mile as well. 

It's the last mile, my friend. There will be danger, forces unseen pulling at your feet, trying to knock you down. They hide in the darkness of the night for their deeds are evil, their actions are stealthily planned in the highest-ranked quarters from the evil abyss below. Their commander, the one who is viciously jealous and hates you has sneered out his personalized, tactical orders. The army of voices screech out your name, as they mock and taunt you. The ultimate goal is already determined - to wound you, to cause you to fall, even to paralyze you. Each effort meant to cause you distraction, fear and freeze you in your tracks and halt your progress. To surrender you hopeless.

It's the last mile, my friend, you definitely do not walk alone; for the good Shepherd never leaves even a single sheep to wander alone. Though you cannot see through the dense fog ahead and the pathway seems dark as midnight, your next step is always visible...for he is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. If you're following obediently; he has promised to make the way straight; keep walking, keep trusting. Although you cannot see clearly at times, though it seems dark and evil abounds, be assured his grace much more abounds - walk by faith. At just the right time, in your weakest moments, he'll make special stops just for you. There, in green pastures and beside still waters you will be restored and regain strength to endure the wiles of the enemy. 

It's the last mile, my friend, you're supplied with everything you need to finish this course. You have every piece of armor needed to withstand any attack against you. There is no weapon formed against you that shall prosper. You can finish this race because he is your strength and hope. In him the weak will be strong, the frightened will be at peace, the faint will run on. The darkness has no hold on you, every chain can be broken, there is no lock which he doesn't hold a master-key.

It's the last mile, my friend. Be encouraged. Grab the hand of someone along the way. Two are always better than one. There is strength in unity, togetherness, being in one mind, with one accord. You were never intended to fight alone. Your commander has beckoned you to bind together for additional fortitude even more so during this last leg of the journey.

It's the last mile, my friend, be encouraged. He always leads in the right path, toward a heavenly home, designed and builded by him. Keep your eyes focused. Keep your lamp trimmed. We're almost home now.