Monday, July 6, 2015

Let Go (Part 2 of The Cup Series)

"...but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day...) Genesis 50:20
Quite honestly, I was having one of those "I can't have anything!" Mommy moments. Ever been there? (If you missed my previous CUP Series post, here's the link: M.I.A. Selah~) The pretty gold-rimmed cup that, at one time, had been whole, unbroken, complete WITH a handle gone. There I stood, in my sun scorched, driveway...holding the said cup above my head. Then I let go.
I watched it's quick journey downward play out in slow turned this way and that, then hit the concrete and exploded into a pile of shattered pieces. That was that. Broken. Shattered. 
What was once whole now laid, broken and unusable. Jagged edges. Razor sharp. I stood there and took it all in for a few moments. Then, I bent down and carefully gathered up all the different pieces...and I look forward to the next phase of The Cup Series...putting it back together again.
You see, life has a way of doing that very thing to our heart. What was once unstained and whole can become broken along the way. Sometimes we feel wounded, worthless and unusable. How can shattered dreams and hearts ever be put back together again? "There are too many scattered pieces! It's hopeless!" we scream out in our pain. We feel like giving up; but there's a secret amongst those broken pieces. PROMISE. Even as our friend, Joseph, found out and remarked to his brothers, (paraphrased Steph'sVERSION) "You were planning to break me and leave me laying there for no good use; but God still saw beauty and potential....possibility. Promise" (Read the actual story in Genesis 50.) 
What the devil throws at us, how he uses people to bring hurt and situations to bring brokenness in our lives, can definitely cause hurt and wounds. We may be laying there like Humpty Dumpty - in a million pieces. BUT GOD still sees the possibility of beauty and promise. I imagine He even gets a bit beside Himself as He eagerly thinks of putting us back together again. You see, He never leaves us like He finds us. He always makes something better out of our pieces...and He does it because He can. (He is an amazing Potter.) Simply because there's nothing He cannot do. My friend, don't be afraid if you find yourself broken and your dreams shattered...there's a whole lot of beauty and possibility wrapped up in you still - with God. LET GO! The results will be amazing.

*I write a lot about this topic because I know how real it is on a personal level, but also because I know there are so many of you out there with wounds and scars of your own. I want everyone who will listen to know, THERE IS HOPE in Jesus. Since I was a child, I have always loved the story of the Potter and the clay. He can restore, heal and make whole...He knows from personal experience too...He still bears the scars in His hands from betrayal, rejection, hurt, etc. I'd say we're in perfectly good company and in the perfect place to be beautifully and completely mended if we're in His hands.