Sunday, June 7, 2015

We're Human, We're Soldiers

We are all human. 
We all have the same covering - flesh. 
We all have feelings and emotions. 
We're all susceptible to being wounded. 
When we're cut, we all bleed. 
We're human.

We are all soldiers. 
We all have the same covering - armor. 
We all have a choice to be bitter or better. 
We're all able to survive vicious attacks. 
When we're hurt, we can choose to forgive. 
We're soldiers.

 As Christians, we are in a raging battle. We're soldiers on the Lord's side. We're admonished in scripture to put on the whole armor of God. We're supposed to be in this battle; we're called to be prepared for the fight, and to war against...THE ENEMY.

Jesus once told Peter to put his sword away. Remember, in the garden when they came to arrest the Lord? Peter grabbed one of the soldier's swords and cut off the man's ear. (Matthew 26:51-52) Jesus reprimanded Peter. I think Jesus is calling us to do the same today. We're sometimes too quick to pull out our sword...but not on the enemy. You see, too often we pull out our swords and try to take off our brother or sister's ear, but they're NOT the enemy.

It's true. We're all human. We are all apt to hurt someone's feelings. We're likely to say or do something which may "wound" our neighbor in some way. Actually, there are times when we may wound someone and not even be aware of it. As humans, we will have some bad days, low times, valleys, etc. We all get hurt from time to time. We'll all have the chance, and a "good reason" to build walls of protection (bitterness) in our hearts. Yes, if we're strong enough to open our hearts, if we are brave enough to love, we'll get our fair share of opportunities to grab up our sword. We'll have plenty of opportunities to become hard and bitter, and also a multitude of chances to practice forgiveness. It's our choice. We must make the decision. After all, we're soldiers.

Friends, let's put down our swords and fight the REAL enemy. Remember, the fight is not against flesh and blood. (Ephesians 6:12) Let's practice forgiveness and bear the fruit of the Spirit! We're human. We're soldiers. We have a choice to fight the real enemy or be wounded and become bitter. Our Captain's command is to love one another. Let's wage war God's way. Love covers a multitude of sins.

Dear God,
Help me to be mindful of the things I say & do.
Let me ever be mindful of others and put the sword away.
Help me to "see" what's really happening so I can
fight the right enemy. Help me to forgive.
Help me to love. I'm human, but I'm a soldier.