Monday, May 25, 2015

Over Hauled

Restoration. Life can be complicated. We can find ourselves sitting in a proverbial junk yard beaten up, full of dents and hopelessly rusting away to nothing. Has-beens.
I love those transformations were a crew chooses a "has-been" vehicle, then has it towed into a garage where it is stripped down to the minimal and barely resembles what used to be. Step-by-step, the crew meticulously restores, renews, replaces and reassembles the pieces until the ugly, forgotten, rust-bucket is transformed into a beautiful piece of  art. Over-hauled!
That's what so many people desire today...they don't want to simply be changed or restored, they want to be transformed. Life has a way of marring our original beauty. Mishaps, mistrusts, run-in's, misunderstandings, miss handling, hurts, sin, etc., causes damage to the hearts of men, women and children leaving great people stuck in junk yards. (Just a note: Remember, this is so important, our words can make lasting impressions which can never be undone. Use them with caution. People tend to believe what they hear over and over!)
There is hope though...we have the perfect Restorer. The perfect Transformer. The One who can make all things new. He won't leave us like He found us. He won't even be satisfied with restoring us to what we used to be. He desires to transform us - restoring us far beyond the beauty of what we once were. He has something in mind that will turn the heads of everyone who looks on - because of His work within you. He's interested in preparing us for a place that's out of this world. To God be the glory! 
Today, if you're feeling like an old, rust-bucket, stuck in the back of a junk yard in the middle of a wilderness...just give your mess to Him and trust Him to do the rest. We have a God that specializes in over-haulin'!