Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pass the Ice, Please

Today was the day for my chiropractic adjustment, work-out and massage. After getting my adjustment, I entered the work-out room in high spirits of what I was going to be able to accomplish today. (Yes, I've learned to walk in with a positive attitude. It helps tremendously whenever you're having a bad day and don't "feel" like doing it. So I challenge myself!) Having improved my mile from 16 minutes down to 12; I was mentally calculating how I could beat my current time. There was only one problem... knee was cranky today. I set the treadmill speed to 4.1 mph and began my 20 minutes. At 1.5 minutes, I hopped off and did a couple of leg shakes and stretches hoping to get rid of the cinch. Determined, I got back on and started once again. OK, I've got this! I cranked up the speed to 6.0 mph for my interval training and ran 1 minute. Then, I lowered the speed back down for a minute of speed-walking, then repeated the routine again. About 7 minutes into my routine, I was favoring my that leg because of the pain in my knee, but I tried to hide it. Slowly, it became more and more noticeable and the doctor and trainer made me stop completely. I had reached my limit. I was led back into a room where I was adjusted again. Then up for a test run. Nope! Back on the table for more adjustment followed by another test run. After a couple times, the pain in my knee was gone and I returned to finish my work-out minus lower body exercises. (Ice-downs prescribed for my knee.)
I told you all those details so hopefully you'll get the full picture and be right on board when I explain to you what God brought to my mind:
There are times in life when we are running along just fine. Then something happens and we find ourselves in tremendous pain and hurt but we continue on trying our best to hide it. (Yeah, that would be pride! Ouch! That hurts!) Maybe nobody else around us notices it at first, but it doesn't go unnoticed by God for even one moment. Sure, He'll let us run on for a bit, but soon enough He'll do what He has to for us to give in and allow Him to work on our situation or brokenness. It's that "break" that we sometimes think of as punishment for not being strong enough - not passing the test. However, God doesn't see or treat it that way. He gently works on (or adjusts) us in the areas of our pain. He's gentle and never beats us down for any weakness. (Very "unlike" us - or usually me anyhow.) We've got to allow Him to do so though...we've got to lay down and give Him complete access to that spot...all walls down. When we do, He can fix it. We might find it takes a minute - or thirty - to get back into the treadmill of life and press on; but we'll get there if we'll be patient and allow Him to work on us.
So, to you - and to me - let's not try to be a super hero and carry loads we're not intended to carry alone. God doesn't expect us to do His job. He's given us reminders throughout His Word that we're His children and He wants us to grow - and He will help us along the way. He knows we won't grow without bumps and bruises and He's prepared to administer the help we need. He's not ashamed of us for stumbling, but wants to help us grow stronger each and every day. Just like I've improved my mile, He wants us to improve by allowing Him to take control of our situations sooner. Don't tread one moment longer or another mile by yourself! Allow God to mend your brokenness and start you on the road to recovery. Now, somebody pass the ice, please!