Wednesday, March 25, 2015


It doesn't matter what's on the agenda for our day, maybe a it's trip to the doctors office, another usual day on the job, home-schooling children, lending a hand to a friend, or maybe the first day of a much needed vacation. No matter what we've planned there are a few things we need to remember:

1. This is the day the Lord has given us...let us look at everything we do as worship unto him.  (Ps. 118:34)
Maybe sometimes we forget that God has given us so many promises in his Word...and they apply to our every day. Let's do everything today as unto him (cheerfully)...and be blessed. 

2. Our steps are ordered by the Lord. (Ps. 37:23)
No matter where we go...we won't be alone. He's ordered our steps and will be right there with us regardless of the circumstances we may face. Even if we feel like we "mess up" someway, he can make it right if we let confident in this.

3. If we'll be conscious, we'll see him in our day. (Jer. 29:13)
Even though we know we're not alone, sometimes it's easy to miss God moments in our busy days. LOOK FOR THEM! It can be the simplest things! It can come from just about any source: nature, relationships, conversation, etc. Let's keep our eyes open today; "life" happens but so does delighted when he does it just for you.

4. Be helpful to someone today...somehow, someway. (Luke 6:38) 
What a difference a kind word, smile or touch can make in the day of someone who is having a bad one. Let's go an extra step out of the way, take a risk and reach out to someone. BONUS* - see if God doesn't bless you in return...let's be sensitive.

Yes, I'll be right there with you as I keep these thoughts in the forefront of my mind. When you have one of those "God moments" today, I'd love for you to come back and tell us about it. Sharing is caring! Be encouraged today and walk in blessings and the love of the Lord.