Monday, October 27, 2014

A Thought...A Lesson Taught

Just a thought...and a lesson taught from little bundles of energy on Sunday. I'm continually amazed, amused and admit I learn so much from the beautiful kids I get to be in class with each Sunday morning.  True, you never know what's going to come out of one of those little mouths.  True, sometimes you think they're not "listening" and are distracted by  a million little things around them.  I find that even though they may not be looking you in the face and while they may seem a million miles away, most of the time they're "listening their own way."  The proof is in the question time at the end of the story! 
And I wonder...are we like that as adults?  While we're wrapped up in our busy day, going about doing what we think is important and what we think is top priority for our day, are we "listening" for the voice of God?  He speaks in so many different ways, yet are we too busy to notice?  Are we too distracted and totally out of the loop?  Regardless of the distractions throughout my day, I want my heart tuned in to hear what He speaks to me. Yes, there will be times when life is busy and quite noisy and the distractions are overwhelming...yet, let us come to Him as little children.  Listen for Him today...learn the lesson...answer His call.  When "the end of the story" arrives, whatever time of the day or night it might be,  I want to have the right answer.  "Yes, Lord!" Side note: Remember, one day soon the trumpet of the Lord will sound and we sure don't want to miss that!!!  Practice daily...let's keep our ears in tune!