Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Once Upon A Time...Retold

Once upon a time…remember those words?  Cinderella, Little Red Riding-Hood, or maybe it was a more “modern” story.  No matter which story you remember, we all have stories in our own lives.  There are also times when we all need to be reminded that the hero will step in and save the day.  There are moments when we ask questions.  How will this work out?  What will happen if this happens?  How will we make it if such and such takes place?  How is this need going to be met?  How is God going to work this one out?  You know the million questions that our minds can produce in the matter of seconds after realizing we’re in need of a miracle. 
We know our hope and rest comes from the Lord (our ultimate HERO!) who knows all – including every detail of our lives.  We know He is our healer, protector and our provider- our Savior and deliverer.  We know nothing escapes His attention and awareness.  Yet sometimes He has to place us upon His knee just like a child and tell us a story once again.  Who doesn’t need reminded at one time or another?
Just the other night, the Lord took me upon his knee… “Once upon a time…”.   Yes, I needed to be reminded of the story how He protected me even before I can really remember when I fell off of a slide at the park.  Then He told me the story again of how He healed me of a tumor behind my eye when I was only 4 years old.  He reminded me how He brought me through toxemia after my darling little girl was born.  He reminded me how He provided food on my table and clothes to wear.  All kinds of different times, situations and circumstances…trying times in my life…times when I asked questions…but He always came through and His will was always done.  My Hero!  The Knight in shining armor who stepped in and saved the day!
If you’re questioning today, if you need your faith strengthened, ask Him to take you upon His knee and read your story to you once again.  Yes, I say sometimes we just need to be reminded that He knows where we’re at and that He’s writing our Once Upon A Time…and as His Word says…He has an expected end.  He’s ready to turn the page for you.  Are you ready to listen?