Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Night Time, Lightning Bugs & Mason Jars

Who's afraid of monsters under the bed or those unimaginable creatures which lurk in a dark corner?  While we're talking about God being "at work" in our lives, let us be reminded that it oftentimes seems as dark as midnight from our vantage point.  Although God is present with us, we can't see the way out - why sometimes we can't even see our own hand in front of our face because of the darkness surrounding us.  Does that mean God is letting down on His end of the deal?  Not hardly!  Remember the song, "God is bigger than the boogie-man?"  A child's song, but even true for us adults.
It was complete darkness when God spoke our world into existence. (Genesis 1:2)  There was a plague of darkness which could even be felt for 3 dreadful days and nights in Egypt - while God was working His plan to free His people from bondage. (Exodus 10:21-22) There was darkness between the Israelite and the Egyptians during the great escape route - which was planned and orchestrated by God Himself. (Joshua 24:7)  There are many more examples too, but not many people like dark nights.  I've heard people jokingly give the excuse - "we're supposed to be children of the light" - for not liking the darkness.  I remember, as a child, not going to sleep at night without a night light.  It was terrifying! How often have you heard of a child having a "nightmare" in the day time anyhow?  
On the way home last night - during the dark, mind you - I was watching intently out the window into the blackness all around when my eyes caught sight of tiny flashes of light here and there.  It brought excitement to my soul - lightning bugs!  Yes, I said bugs!!!  I remember as a child, capturing those little guys and placing them in a mason jar.  The more you collected, the brighter the light became; however, it only took a single lightning bug flying around in the dark to catch your attention.  
It was then that...the light came on! :)  When we're in what seems to be our darkest night, God always provides us with a quick glimpse of Himself so we'll know He's at work in our situation.  The Bible tells us Moses went into the thick darkness where God was. (Exodus 20:21)  It doesn't matter how dark it is, I'm not here alone - God IS THERE TOO!  I might not be able to see anything other than a lightning bug in my dark situation, but that light is proof enough for me that God is with me and I can rest in knowing that.  I challenge you, get your own "mason jar" and collect the lightning bugs of promise God has scattered throughout the His Word.  Instead of being frightened at what's around you and what might hurt or destroy you in your darkest night, God will open His mason jar and free 1000's of tiny lightning bugs - just to show you He's working it out and you're NOT alone.