Saturday, August 30, 2014


For all the sports fanatics out there, for everyone who's out there supporting their favorite teams, for all the die-hard, devoted, team color wearing fans....TODAY IS GAME DAY!  Whoo-hoo!!!  Ready to tail gate with your "game food", to see your team beat the socks off of their opponent, prepared to cheer and jump and holler a little (or a whole lot!) when that little pig-skin crosses the plane of the end zone...IT'S GAME DAY!!!!
Guess what else it is?  Well, the fact is, it's every day, now that I think about it...IT'S GAME DAY!!!  We all have the same ugly, evil opponent who wants to see our demise.  Satan has so many trick plays up his sleeve!  He and his impish team play dirty and unfair consistently...why, we could see those bright yellow penalty flags being thrown all over the field if it were virtual.  He only has one goal in mind since he knows he CAN'T win the game - if he can just keep you tripping over your own shoe strings, if he can just beat you up enough to make you have to sit on the sidelines for a while, if he can only keep you from moving down the field toward that victory friend, he'll do whatever and use whomever to try and accomplish his evil scheme.
IT'S GAME DAY!!!  Get up, put on your team color (red for the blood of Jesus!) and get out there!  Let your whole day be wrapped up in celebrating that you're on the winning team.  Your Quarter Back is unstoppable, unbeatable, He controls the game and CANNOT LOSE!  Go ahead, you have nothing to lose because you CAN'T lose.  God is in control of every dark situation, every health or financial problem, every sickness, every...well, there's nothing, not any detail of your life that He's not aware of.  With a God (Quarter Back) like that, all you have to do is follow His play card and enjoy the game.  Get up and cheer, praise - live your day as if your team is continually in the end zone.  The time clock is counting down, all of Heaven is on their feet cheering with you.  Don't be frazzled by any tackle the opposing team may make...IT'S GAME DAY...just enjoy the game!  Can I get a "W", can I get a "E", give me a "W", "I", "N".