Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Perfect Fit

Remember the story of David and Goliath, the young warrior who picked up 5 smooth stones and his sling to face the enemy’s hero?  There’s all kinds of speculation and viewpoints on why he chose 5 smooth stones, however, did it really matter how many stones he had in his scrip?  Israel’s army had tried to supply David with a mighty suit of armor to withstand this massive, towering foe; but David refused this equipment.  It didn’t fit!  He realized his most powerful weapon was his confidence in his God.  Knowing this, he ran full speed ahead toward the enemy and won the victory.
So five smooth stones, a sling, a young man versus a 10-foot tall giant, clad in a coat of armor, accessorized with a sword and a spear…what are the odds of victory?  Overwhelmingly positive for the one trusting in an all-powerful God!!! How about your situation?  Do the odds seemed to be stacked against you? Does it seem as if there’s no possible way you’re going to come out on top this time?  Do you feel you’re fighting a losing battle?  Take a moment and go back to what fits – the one thing you know to be tried and proven.  It might not seem to be anything spectacular to the enemy…maybe just 5 smooth stones and a sling…but your unwavering confidence that God is faithful, well able and willing to see you through to the end – that’s the secret ammo which brings the victory every time.  It always fits! 
Hold your head up high, walk in the joy of the Lord doing His will and seeking first His Kingdom.  You might only have 5 smooth stones and a sling, but watch the enemy shake in its boots as God gives you a victory that's only fit for a King (or a child of the King!)...the enemy knows he is forever defeated.  Trust in God and you WILL cut off the giant's head in defeat, you will be victorious!  It doesn't matter how vicious the enemy may appear, no weapon formed against us shall prosper...confidence in God is always a perfect fit.