Monday, July 1, 2013

First-Aid Rescue Needed

Ever had a wound that just wouldn't heal?  I remember as a kid, riding double on a bike down a steep hill...wobble, wobble, a jerk of the handle-bars and...CRASH!  The result was a large wound on my elbow which stayed around for quite a while.  If you're a parent, you know how easily it is for a scab to be knocked off requiring the healing process to start all over again.  So went the story of my elbow.

But not only do wounds happen in the natural; there are wounds of the heart that one must deal with if they be real enough to admit it.  Life happens to everyone!  There are many instances of wounded hearts we can read about in the Bible.  I suppose if God didn't care, He wouldn't have had these examples in there for us to read.  We are not alone!  A wound (both physical and internal) can come from a variety of sources or incidents.  Think about the many physical wounds you've had in your lifetime.  They are painful and may take longer than we would like to wait for complete healing.  As if you didn't believe me, here's a verse straight out of the Word to confirm that we will find ourselves here.  The beautiful thing is God will take care of it all. 

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."  Ps. 147:3 (NIV)

 It is my experience that when a child has a "boo-boo", dads tend to tell their kids, "Shake it off, it will be alright."  Ever heard that one?  In most cases it's usually the mother who will bandage the wound and seal it with an “All better" kiss.  Have you ever considered how many boxes of Band-Aids you've bought for the little ones in your household?  They come off, things happen, the wound has to be tended to again and again.  There are even times when a covering isn't enough; mom has to get out the Neosporin and sooth the wound before going any further.  Guess where moms ultimately got this characteristic from?  You got it! 

While He is a God of judgment, He is a gentle Healer too.  When we're wounded, He feels our pain.  He is touched and longs to take us in His arms and tend to our wounds.  Even when we're careless and a scab gets knocked off, He patiently pulls out the First-Aid kit, cleans and bandages it up once more.  He knows what it is to be wounded, for He allowed Himself to be put in that position.  He hears our cries of over-whelming pain and is attentive to our call.  He always has time for one of His children who is matter how many times we fall and have to have clean bandages and ointment applied.  

Take heart, and know with a blessed assurance that God has His eye upon you, that He will come running when you fall.  Do not be discouraged when your wounded heart has to be tended to yet again...He is faithful to do it and no one can apply that soothing balm like our Lord.  The enemy would like us to think we're hopeless and that our Heavenly Father will tire of binding up the same wound, but no matter how deep and how long it may take...Jesus is there.  He can heal it instantly; or He may desire a lesson be learned for our growth in Him.  In this case, He will bandage it up and send us on through.  For now, He's saying, "Michael, bring the First-Aid kit!"

Lord, thank you for never looking at me in disgust, for always
being faithful to tend to my hurts, pains and disappointments in life.
Help me to come to you and not run away when I’m in pain and teach
me to realize you sometimes use people in our lives to help you do the mending.
Here I am today, a scraped up mess…hurry Michael…bring the kit!