Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time Out for Mommy! (or Daddy)

Are there any parents out there who have MADE their children take a nap?  Or coaches who have placed a player “on the bench”?  Is it because the child or player did something deserving of this delay?  While there are instances when this may be true, it is almost without doubt most of the times this is done for the child or player’s own well-being.  Take, for instance, the star player whose legs are cramping, or the defense player who has taken a hit and is down…they are taken out of the game and MADE to sit on the side lines for their own well-being.  Why do we make our children take a nap other than to get out of our hair? J  A child needs his or her rest in order to function properly.  (Having said that, I remember as a child that Sunday afternoons were designated nap times and I used to hate it…funny how 30+ years later I beg for Sunday afternoon naps.)

Now look with me again at that wonderful 23rd Psalm:
“…he maketh me to lie down in green pastures…” (Ps. 23:2)

There are times when the Lord makes an almighty call for a time out in our lives.  Again, it is not necessarily because we’ve veered off-track somewhere.  It is for our own good though, because of His goodness…we need a break. Instead of us meeting our physical and spiritual needs, sometimes we tend to barrel on through our lives going full steam ahead posing as Super Man or Wonder Woman.  Maybe we become angry and He knows that we just need a minute or two of rest to pull ourselves back together. Sometimes I wonder if God ever feels like catching us in a choke-hold or shaking some sense into us.   We might not be intentionally playing those fictitious roles, but we are trying to do God’s work.

When the Lord sends you a time-out and makes a way for you to “lie down in green pastures”, enjoy the comfort, rest and peace He intends for you to receive during that time.  (Even Jesus grew weary and had to be ministered to.) Ever seen a child leave his bed time and time again, persistent that he doesn’t need a nap?  I’m afraid that’s how we are at times.  The Lord knows what’s best for us, but we think we know better.  The truth is, if we are going to be restored, we must do it God’s way.  Isn’t it the loving parent who continuously insists on sending that child back to his or her bed for that nap until the child finally gives in to Sleepy Land?  And my final question, doesn’t that child feel so much better after they wake up?  (The parents do too!)

If the Lord has you smack dab in the middle of a green pasture right now, lay down and enjoy the cool breeze and sunshine…it’s for your own good.  Enjoy the times of refreshing the Lord allows.  Take care of the physical and spiritual you!  You are the temple of the Lord!!!  Allow Him to restore you, for there will soon come a time when you’ll have to pick up the spiritual sword and fight again…but for this moment…take a time out!

Jesus, please help me to be more aware of when I need to rest.
When I’m tired and cranky or angry, I need to take a time out to be restored.
If you needed times like these, I know I cannot escape.
Help me to allow you to send me to time out and be obedient,
knowing that you always know what’s best for me.  My heavenly father.